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Barbara Nicholson
Badass Artist

"For me, learning to draw has always been difficult, mostly due to the negative emotional criticism in my own head. My class with Jessica has been so nurturing and supportive and has provided a safe environment to make mistakes and actually improve my drawing. I can say I’ve gotten past all the negative stuff and am enjoying the process of learning to draw--I think I am hooked."

Badass Artist

Before, I wasn’t spending any time practicing. Now, I know I will continue to improve my attitude. Art is very intimidating for me, but fun for me to share with others. At first I was miserable. Seriously thought of quitting. Because of my habits, I compare myself to others. I cannot tell you the fear and dread I went through! It was a powerful and overwhelming experience. I made myself come back to the lessons until the last day, pushing myself to the edge. Thank you for EVERYTHING!"

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Art is War. Prep for Battle like a Badass 


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Instead of going to the art supplies store to add to your collection, invest in your art education and learn to use what you have!*

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What You'll Learn In 30 Days

What you'll Get Out of 
BAD Artist Bootcamp

Gain Confidence

Progress through Drawing Drills & defeat creative bad guys in your quest to be a badass artist. See your progress from Day 1 to 30 in your BAD Bootcamp Portfolio online.

Hi, I'm Jessica Antonelli
BAD Artist Bootcamp Drill Sergeant & Long-Time Art Teacher

I have been helping people make breakthroughs in art for over 10 years. I've taught to all ages in Texas public schools for 5 years, and won "Teacher of the Year" in 2013. 

After that, adventure called and I listened, spontaneously moving to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I created Studio Antonelli.

This is where I taught the most popular beginner drawing classes in this gorgeous world famous town. 

I now live in a tiny house in Texas and am passionate about permaculture, school gardens and helping friendly people like you improve your art skills! 

 Cultivate a creator’s attitude toward producing great work

 Improve your drawing skills, including line, shading, texture and more

 Create a drawing habit during our 30 days together

 Learn a healthy self-criticism process that will improve your skills exponentially

 Push yourself to draw more than you would alone in our Bootcamp community

 Get personal feedback & encouragement from your art teacher and drill Sargent, Jessica

We are candles lighting each other when one of us goes out.

There is NO TALENT required 
to learn to draw better.

The HARD part is getting over perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, 
and ALL the other "bad-guy" voices in your head that keep you from showing up 
to your practice and learning the basics. 

BAD Artist Bootcamp
is a 30 day creativity catapult.

Explore the lessons and obstacles that you'll meet and overcome in the 7-days of surviving the most epic Super Storm that's ever hit your local area. 
Supplies Needed for
BAD Artist Bootcamp

Sketchbook. Aim for something you can throw in your bag or carry easily, but still big enough to be comfortable to draw in--around 8 x 10 inches is fine. A basics unlined sketchbook labelled for drawing is great. 

Pen & Pencil. A 2B pencil, the yellow ones used in school--It will be all you really need for Bootcamp! If you’ve already got a set of drawing pencils labelled H or any other #B, we’ll show you how to use them. You’ll also want to pack a ball point pen (something with a nice flow of ink).

Lots of Colour. Whether it’s coloured pencils or crayons, you don’t need anything fancy to practice the most emotional element of art. If you have experience with watercolour or acrylic, you may use those as well. 

The Essentials:
 Pencil sharpener & eraser. It’s worth investing in a good quality metal pencil sharpener, instead of the cheap plastic kinds. You may want to bring a kneaded gum eraser or the usual rubber eraser too.  

The Tools Required to Perform Magic Tricks
Inside the course we share links to all of the recommended magic-making tools you'll need.

Below is a short checklist to give you an idea of what will be required.

You can not do this course on a your phone or iPad. Sorry. You need a laptop or computer and preferably one with a decent amount of memory and speed.
A green screen that allows for full body shooting is ideal. If you don’t have that much space or you already have a smaller green screen, then don’t worry. More important for performing illusions is having plenty of lights.
You will need a 
non-Smart Phone 
camera to shoot on your green screen. Sound is also a really important element in making great media. So don’t use the mic in your camera, it won't give you the professional quality you want.
We've chosen to teach you with the software we use (Adobe Premiere Pro). It is trusted by professionals all over the world. And don’t worry, we guide you through each step of the editing process. But if you prefer another software, just make sure it allows "chroma key" editing.
This course is for you if you want to:

Make more professional, exciting and effective video lessons that keep your audience captivated and engaged.

Become a better, more confident script writer, media producer, presenter, video editor and camera operator.

Learn to make the kind of media that you or your students would be excited to binge-watch.

 You want the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to be able to overcome the most common audio villains (aka Pain in the Arse Audio Problems)

 You want access to a community of fellow audio superheroes and media makers to share your victories, battles and to draw encouragmeent from

 You want help fulfilling your superhero calling of producing binge-worthy videos with epic sound quality that leave your audience begging for more.

This Mission is For you IF:

Watch the Trailer Below

Outsmart your I CAN'T Attitude & Gain Laser Focus 
on One Essential Element of Drawing at a Time. 

In Just ONE Month!

Begin as a BAD Artist, 
Walk Away as a Creative Badass.  


Settle in and get to know your fellow artistic soldiers. Learn all about Line. Take on your first Battle against an Artistic Demon Perfectionism. Share your triumph with the community in your artistic portfolio.


Create your battle tactics to get you through the rest of Bootcamp, and while you're at it, overcome that pesky Self-Doubt demon by going through a flurry of drills, drawing shapes and value. 


Train to evade Distraction and Comparison this week as you improve 
your shading and begin your first drawing in colour. 


Prepare for the world-after-Bootcamp by battling Inconsistency and Artist’s Block. Texture drawing drills & learning to draw by using negative space will help you see results in your sketches and other major drawing improvements you've made in your 30 day bootcamp. 

7. Crown Chakra Spirit Journey
Embody Infinite Divinity
Root into the earth and let your thousand petaled lotus blossom towards the glorious sun. Dance on the mountaintop of divine love. Be bathed in the golden sparkling light of pure awareness and spirit. Effortlessly receive the light of creation into every cell of your being. Experience infinity in your body with safe grounding and necessary rooting. Shine.︎
8. Rainbow Integration Journey
A Ceremony Of Colourful Alchemy
Dance into the rainbow bridge that is you. Celebrate each of the chakra portals and dance into your radiant colours. Move & groove into the homeward stretch of this voyage. Complete your journey. ✧
Stamina & Satisfaction

Beat Procrastination & Inconsistency by creating a drawing routine in your day. Our 30 days of Bootcamp allow you to settle into the new drawing habit that will become 
the highlight of your day.

7 Elements of Art

BAD Artist Bootcamp teaches you the foundational elements of art that are found in all visual art, including line, value, shape, form, colour, space, and texture.

May this offering be a candle in our world.

QUESTIONS? We've got answers. Email Jessica at

7 Deadly Demons

These are the most common bad guys all creators face, and they range from Perfectionism to Comparison to Self-Doubt. Learn how to defend your creative mental space and defeat them!


Drill Sargeant Motivation

Your Drill Sargeant & Art Teacher, Jessica Antonelli is ever-present to offer you a loving kick-in-the-butt to push you to drawing excellence. You’ll also get direct feedback 
and encouragement from Jessica on 
your drawing drill exercises.

Community Commitment

You’re not in this alone. The BAD Artist Bootcamp community is there for you 110%, cheering on your latest drawings and 
helping you through rough patches. 
Meet your new artsy friends!

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