Meet your Storm Survival Guide

Gina Mulic
Storm Survivor

“ I loved the course so much and integrated many short and middle term goals. 

I now have a personal carry kit of a multi-tool, lighter, and flashlight. I have a grab and go bag that I keep in the car and was happy to have it as I drove through the ice storm this weekend. I finally added a water supply for our house and got a camp stove so we can cook if we experience a longer outage. I also updated my emergency first aid.

In terms of long-term planning, I'm also returning to vegetable gardening at home which isn't like a robust plan but I think food growing is an important long-term skill for me. 

It helps me feel a lot more self-sufficient and confident about how my family would cope in a prolonged emergency situation. I feel a lot more reassured knowing that I can be organized and there are specific things I can do to take care of my family. “

Bill Clark
Storm Survivor

“Holy Jump Up Chris! 

What an awesome video! The graphics are most impressive. And the story line of the announcer. I wanted to re-check my phone for actual storm warnings over the next few days."

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Skills you Will Learn By Surviving the Storm:

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Where an Online Game
Meets Real World Action
Hi, I'm Chris Gilmour
Wilderness Survival & Emergency Preparedness Expert

In my work teaching urban and wilderness survival skills (12+ years) and my work in professional emergency preparedness consulting ( 5+ years), it is very apparent how unprepared most people (and many governments) are.

I also understand how hard it is to find the time with bills to pay, family life and other responsibilities and interests. 

With climate change and the reality of where our world is heading, preparedness and adapting to the changing world cannot be ignored any longer.

This is why I created Survive the Storm. 

Survive the Storm is part game, part eCourse, part race against time, as you prepare to survive the storm of the century.

Along the way, you and your family will learn exactly what you need to do if such a storm should ever hit your neighbourhood.

 Identify survival resources and previously unseen hazards in your area.

 Attune your awareness to your surroundings as you go about your day so you're better prepared.

 Create a communications plan, in case the phones or wifi go down and you’re separated from your loved ones (the scariest thing that can happen in disaster situations).

 Create a basic home emergency kit with a clear plan for creating a more advanced one later.

 Turn your home into a survival shelter and know where to go in your house in case of emergency.

 Develop practical survival skills, such as creating a “survival flashlight,” building a warm “shelter” in your home or making an “improvised rainwater catchment system.”

Store, find and purify your water in a long-term emergency where your municipal or well water becomes contaminated.

 Deal with overlooked hazards after the disaster; such as mould, infectious disease & infections.

 Learn how to manage human waste when the toilets no longer work, something that could save you from infection and disease in long-term emergency situations.

 Learn some basic improvised first aid if doctors are unavailable.

We are candles lighting each other when one of us goes out.
Extreme weather events & Disasters can happen 
at any time.

We are seeing unprecedented wildfires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and cyclones around the world more than ever before.

It's easy to think that what's happening "there" will never happen "here."
Until it does.

Learn essential skills and create a REAL disaster preparedness plan

in this interactive eCourse Adventure.

Explore the lessons and obstacles that you'll meet and overcome in the 7-days of surviving the most epic Super Storm that's ever hit your local area. 
Included in This Online Adventure:

-> 7 entertaining, educational video lessons. Watch the trailer!

-> An in depth Survival Guide to map out your preparedness plan.

-> Access to bonus videos that teach you specific survival skill-sets.  

-> An online community space, where you can ask Chris questions and 
learn from other students who will be surviving the storm with you.  

-> Recommendations on the gear we recommend to keep your family safe.

-> With 30 minutes/day for 7 days, you'll create a real family preparedness plan.

*includes future upgrades too*

The Tools Required to Perform Magic Tricks
Inside the course we share links to all of the recommended magic-making tools you'll need.

Below is a short checklist to give you an idea of what will be required.

You can not do this course on a your phone or iPad. Sorry. You need a laptop or computer and preferably one with a decent amount of memory and speed.
A green screen that allows for full body shooting is ideal. If you don’t have that much space or you already have a smaller green screen, then don’t worry. More important for performing illusions is having plenty of lights.
You will need a 
non-Smart Phone 
camera to shoot on your green screen. Sound is also a really important element in making great media. So don’t use the mic in your camera, it won't give you the professional quality you want.
We've chosen to teach you with the software we use (Adobe Premiere Pro). It is trusted by professionals all over the world. And don’t worry, we guide you through each step of the editing process. But if you prefer another software, just make sure it allows "chroma key" editing.
This course is for you if you want to:

Make more professional, exciting and effective video lessons that keep your audience captivated and engaged.

Become a better, more confident script writer, media producer, presenter, video editor and camera operator.

Learn to make the kind of media that you or your students would be excited to binge-watch.

 You are concerned about the natural disasters happening around the world and impacts of climate change on your life.

 You want to be confident in your ability to keep yourself, family & friends safe if a real life disaster ever occurs.

  You know you "should be" more prepared but never get around to it, and you love the idea of making a solid preparedness plan -- fast.

Survive the Storms is for you if:

Watch the Trailer Below

DAY 1: Think Like a Survival Expert

The storm of the century is 3-days out. It’s time to prime your awareness and begin to mentally prepare for this journey. 

As you go about your normal day, you will be given fun awareness challenges to help you “Think like a Survival Expert”. Hone your senses, learn to read the signs from nature, notice potential hazards in the landscape, react to unexpected situations and consider how you could adapt using the resources you come across. 

DAY 2: When Phones & Wifi Go Down

Cell signals, phone lines and the internet are all down. You may not be able to return home because of the storm. How do you communicate with and get back together with your family or loved ones? 

This is one of the most important activities in the whole adventure. In this day of the storm you will make a real life “Family & Disaster Communications Plan” and learn where to access essential information before, after and during the storm. Don’t overlook this crucial piece of your plan. The clock is ticking!

DAY 3: Having the Right Gear

This is the last chance to get your gear together before the storm hits. If you had to evacuate in less than 20 minutes, would you be ready? What if you had to hunker down for 3 weeks like in the Great North American Ice Storm of 1998 or the multiple Hurricanes in past years?

Having the right kit could be the difference between barely surviving and thriving. Learn where to focus your efforts when you have a limited budget & time, as well as how to make the perfect kit overtime. You can sleep better at night after getting through this part of the adventure.  

DAY 4: Hunkering Down at Home

The storm is in full force, the power is out, municipal water has stopped running and the temperature is dropping. Time to secure your home. 

With the need to stay close, you'll learn to prevent commonly overlooked hazards & preventable killers. As well as create a “Safe Room," build an efficient “survival shelter” in your home to keep you warm and safe. Plus if you have children, learn ways to occupy their worried minds. You will also learn to set yourself up for success if you have to make an insurance claim. Be walked through all of these steps in an entertaining way.  

DAY 5: Too Much Water or Not Enough
DAY 6: Recovering from the Storm

This is one of the most overlooked parts of disaster planning. The storm has passed, the sun is back out, but new hazards have emerged. It could be days, weeks or even months until everything is back to normal again. 

Learn about the most common, yet often unknown threats in the days following a disaster and how to protect yourself from disease. Build a hygiene kit, figure out what do do without a toilet and prepare for the chance that advanced medical care may not be readily accessible. By getting this far, you will be a valuable asset in your family & community.

7. Crown Chakra Spirit Journey
Embody Infinite Divinity
Root into the earth and let your thousand petaled lotus blossom towards the glorious sun. Dance on the mountaintop of divine love. Be bathed in the golden sparkling light of pure awareness and spirit. Effortlessly receive the light of creation into every cell of your being. Experience infinity in your body with safe grounding and necessary rooting. Shine.︎
8. Rainbow Integration Journey
A Ceremony Of Colourful Alchemy
Dance into the rainbow bridge that is you. Celebrate each of the chakra portals and dance into your radiant colours. Move & groove into the homeward stretch of this voyage. Complete your journey. ✧
May this offering be a candle in our world.

QUESTIONS? We've got answers. Email Chris at

for yourself and your family

If a SUPER STORM or any number of other natural disasters ever hit your area, then by taking this course, within 7-days you could 
be prepared to survive them with Confidence.

Situational Awareness Survival Technique

Build Your Family Emergency Communications Plan 

Building your Emergency Kits

The Essentials of Keeping your Family & Home Safe

Staying Healthy & Safe Until Life is Back to Normal

Storing, Collecting and Purifying

The worst of the storm has past, but the disaster is not over. Flood waters continue to rise and have contaminated municipal and most other water sources. Getting clean water to drink is now essential for your survival.

Learn the foundations of how to store water and where to find hidden caches in your home. Discover new ways to collect water, such as building an improvised rain catchment system with gear you already have. Know what contaminants you need to be aware of and what your filtering options are. Let’s make sure you always have plenty of clean water!

DAY 7: You Survived the Storm

Congratulations, you Survived the Storm of the Century. Your family and neighbours are safe because of the skills you developed in this 7-day storm survival experience. You now have the confidence to stay safe in our changing world & climate. 

It is time to transition from our survival adventure to real life. This is where we take an overwhelming topic and break it into easy and manageable steps that fit your day-to-day life. Walk away with a realistic, achievable long term family preparedness plan and the confidence to keep building your resiliency over time. You did it, High Five!

Preparing for the Future of Climate Change

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And when it does, will you be prepared?

Jeanette Parry
Storm Survivor

“Wow Chris, that was cool!  Love the whole concept of the newsroom, the interview etc. It is a great hook to have.  I love how everything was so clearly presenting, very clear examples and very thorough. You totally leave me wanting more...