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Great eCourse Adventurer

The Great eCourse Adventure has been a phenomenal experience for me. After I joined, my course objectives and outline became clear, the tech hurdles cleared and writing the actual course came easily. I had a step by step plan to launch my course and I got further in 4 weeks with GEA than I had in the year before.”
Great eCourse Adventurer
I've never been more excited about creating an online course. It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Everything about the Great eCourse Adventure is fun and engaging. From going through the creative lessons to connecting with the supportive community to putting your new knowledge into action and creating your own course, Bradley and Andy are with you every step of the way. If you ever get stuck or need help, they appear like magic, ready to guide you back on the path. Their coaching is invaluable.”
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is where you will gather your tools, meet your fellow adventurers and prepare mentally and emotionally for the exciting journey ahead.
is where you'll slow down for a few minutes and set clear intentions for the big journey ahead.
Reflection Pond
is where you'll take personal inventory of what you bring and which route you'll take to the top of Launch Summit.
Mapora Meadows
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Bradley Morris, co-founder and CEO of eCourse Adventures has been building courses since 2012, when he launched his first meditation course, which spread to 50+ countries. He has since taken his love for media and built eCourse Adventures, where our mission is to merge art, entertainment, gamification, storytelling, media and technology to craft the ultimate student learning experiences. The Great eCourse Adventure is the step-by-step path to follow if you want to stand out in your industry as the go-to expert in your field!
Blair is the media maestro here at eCourse Adventures and has the gift for taking Brad's outlandish, sometimes crazy ideas and turning them into the mind-blowing, highly entertaining media lessons that you get to see here in all of our courses at eCourse Adventures. Blair is a performance musician, breath work facilitator, yoga teacher and student of life. He believes helping teachers teach better online could have an enormous impact on the future of our planet. That's why he does what he does!

 Chance to enter in "The eCourse Games," where you can win cash to create your course

 Map out your Binge-worthy course in your 200 page workbook

Create a course you'd want to buy and produce lessons you'd want to watch

Let the tech side be simple and straight forward with our approach

 Let go of the worry & self doubt that you'll make a crappy course nobody likes

 Have a ton of fun as you build your dream course & transform lives

 Connect with an amazing community who will support you to get the job done right

Any questions? We've got answers! Get in touch
Online Education is the future of Education, but it's failing. Miserably.
The reason the industry-wide student dropout rate is 70-97% is because humans don't consume media how we used to. If you want to change lives, then you need to get with the times.
We will guide you to build a course that is entertaining, gamified, experiential and most important, transformational!

Embark on an EPIC adventure where you create the greatest online course you can possible imagine.

We will help you transform your Ordinary Courses, Powerpoint Presentations & Video Lessons into

Highly Engaging, Entertaining, World-Class Courses!

With 92 video lessons, a 200 page interactive workbook, regular Masterminds and a community of creators, we will guide you from idea to launch to build your binge-worthy course!
Supplies Included on Your Journey to Launch Summit
We give you everything you need to give you and your future students the best chance of success. Nobody does eLearning like we do!!

For those who want an added personal touch, we offer a private Mastermind Coaching group that meets online every other Wednesday at 1pm PST. 
We have created a beautiful, interactive 200 page workbook that lets you map out your entire course, plan your launch and brainstorm your creative ideas right inside of it. This beast of a workbook is included in your FREE 14-day trial and is valued at over $500. Seriously, it's the best!
We know what it takes to build a masterpiece, which means we can coach you to do the same. The Great eCourse Adventure is 92 entertaining, gamified lessons that'll guide you  from idea to launch. You even get an adventure map to track your progress. 
The Tools Required to Perform Magic Tricks
Inside the course we share links to all of the recommended magic-making tools you'll need.

Below is a short checklist to give you an idea of what will be required.

You can not do this course on a your phone or iPad. Sorry. You need a laptop or computer and preferably one with a decent amount of memory and speed.
A green screen that allows for full body shooting is ideal. If you don’t have that much space or you already have a smaller green screen, then don’t worry. More important for performing illusions is having plenty of lights.
You will need a 
non-Smart Phone 
camera to shoot on your green screen. Sound is also a really important element in making great media. So don’t use the mic in your camera, it won't give you the professional quality you want.
We've chosen to teach you with the software we use (Adobe Premiere Pro). It is trusted by professionals all over the world. And don’t worry, we guide you through each step of the editing process. But if you prefer another software, just make sure it allows "chroma key" editing.
This course is for you if you want to:

Make more professional, exciting and effective video lessons that keep your audience captivated and engaged.

Become a better, more confident script writer, media producer, presenter, video editor and camera operator.

Learn to make the kind of media that you or your students would be excited to binge-watch.

 Get the Chance to compete for CASH in our "eCourse Games" community challenges, where you can win money to build your binge-worthy course.  

 Access our private community of world-class teachers, creators, media-makers and creative entrepreneurs.
This course is for you if you want to:

 Produce a binge-worthy course that captivates your audience until they receive the results they signed up for.

 Have more fun than you can possibly imagine building the eCourse of your dreams. Seriously, it's that good!
We are a fun-loving community of 
teachers and entrepreneurs committed to transforming lives by doing our best creative work in the world.
Andy was one of the teachers and techies behind Version 1 of the Great eCourse Adventure and played an enormous role in facilitating the mind-blowing experience you're about to embark upon. Although he has moved on from the company to pursue his music career, he is still an active investor, advisor and ally in all that we are setting out to achieve here. As you go through the GEA, you'll see a lot of him!
is where you'll head out into the real world and validate your idea by making your first pre-sale.
Validation Swamp
is where you'll take that idea and turn it into a theme'ified eCourse that you're so excited to create.
Creatora Heights
is where the fog will lift and you'll get clear on what you're creating and exactly who you're creating it for.
Architekt Forest
is where you learn the art of crafting automations and autoresponders that your students look forward to.
Automatora River
is where you will breathe a deep sigh of relief as you find the perfect tech solution for your budget, needs and tech savviness.
Temple of Technosis
is where you'll learn to make media magic with all the video lessons you create for your students.
Camp Medias
is where you lay out your marketing strategy and launch plan before arriving at the peaks of Launch Summit.
Marketa Ridge
is where you design your sales funnel. Except it's not a sales funnel. It's a lot more awesome and exciting than that.
Funnelle Caves
is where you make the connection to your ultimate student and write a powerful and authentic sales letter to them.
Saless Canyon
is where you reflect and learn from the incredible journey you've been on and prepare for your next big adventure.
Freedom Gardens
is that glorious moment when you finally launch your course and start accepting students.
Launch Summit
  • You have a cutting-edge approach to your field of expertise, passion or point of view and you want to share it in a cutting-edge way.

  • You are a media maker who would love to understand how you can monetize the media you're currently creating by building courses or membership sites.

  • You are an entrepreneurial educator of sorts, who is excited to get your message and processes out to many more people around the world.

  • You want to build an online course, but you don't want to build something that sucks, is boring or that your students won't love.

This Journey is for you if:

We are here to help you design 
online learning experiences 
that are innovative, engaging and out of this world!

and get a sneak peak at what each of the 14 Checkpoints below are all about.

Watch the Trailer Below!