Meet the Instructors

Jane Durst-Pulkys
Metabolic Balance Coach

“Jan and Natalia bring out my best! It wasn’t until I took this course that I understood how to communicate with my audience instead of just with the camera. Now I promote my business on Facebook with weekly videos. As a result, I was invited on TV and radio shows to showcase my expertise. I was even hired to become an on-camera spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company that loved my videos. Most recently, I created my own online course and sold 12 on the 1st day of its release!”
Deepika Mahadevan
“Jan and Natalia inspired me to aim for more engaging videos. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your constant support and drive to make your clients' dreams as much a success as your own. You guys have put together such a vibrant and engaging course. It’s always going to be a great reference tool.”
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Lifetime access to the Course & Bonuses is just $297.

If you’re committed and follow the challenges in the course we promise you will create powerful videos. You can enroll today, go through the course for 1 week and if you decide it’s not right for you, email the support team before the 8th day. Show us you did the work and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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A Super Power is something you excel at because it’s a talent, but also because you enjoy it and do it well. Learn one simple way to discover and/or validate your superpower, then use it to make a strong opening in your video.
Create powerful videos using our step-by-step proven Powerful Video Formula. Learn how to write a video script for any video: product, service, ads, tutorials, case studies, webinars, live streams. We’ll teach you how to get your audience’s attention in 5 seconds. We’ll show you how to captivate your audience with value bombs and how to get them to take action!
We’ll help you get over your fear of looking like poo on camera and show you what it takes to be charismatic. We combined the best body language practices and voice techniques, with neuro-linguistic programming methodology to help you develop confidence, charisma and perform flawlessly on camera.
Course Content
JAN - "I felt invisible"
I was the shy kid in the back of the room who nobody noticed. It wasn’t until I joined different communities that I came out of my shell, but then I moved to Canada leaving behind all those connections.

I struggled creating deep relationships with people until I confidently stepped into who I really am and then started attracting my tribe.

Now I create fun and transformational experiences that empower people to show their authentic self, make connections and build their tribe.
NATALIA - "I wan't being heard"
I lost my voice when I moved from Poland to Canada because I couldn’t speak English. I lost my confidence because I was not being heard and understood. I couldn’t connect with my peers. I felt isolated and invisible. So I shut down. It took me years get out of a severe depression, to learn English and to communicate in such a way that makes people take notice.

Today my mission is to help others to be heard, seen and influence through the power of video, and also in my Business & Personal Development Masterminds & Women Circles.

Create videos that sell with our proven Powerful Video Formula

Attract your best clients on Facebook & other Social Media sites

Go from feeling embarrassed to confident on camera

Create professional-looking videos using just your smartphone

Tell better stories & look more polished on camera

Develop your authentic signature style and love the way you look on camera

About BIG3 Video Agency

Together we own Big3 Video Agency in Toronto. For the last four years we helped big brands, small business owners, entrepreneurs and charities deeply connect with their best clients online with powerful videos.

We worked on award-winning feature documentaries, created 200+ promotional business videos, turned our clients into YouTube celebrities and got invited to give “Being Charismatic on Video” workshops at various conferences across Canada.

We discovered that the most important thing for business owners who need to be on video to promote their business is to be happy with the way their videos look and the way they look on camera. If they are embarrassed about they way they come across on video, they will never use it to promote their business. We know because in the beginning we struggled with it ourselves.

NOW WE’RE ON A MISSION TO EMPOWER 1000 AWESOME HEART-CENTRED BUSINESS OWNERS TO BE SEEN AND HEARD GLOBALLY IN 2017, a mission dear to our hearts because we struggled with not being heard and feeling invisible most of our lives.
What's Stopping You?
“I’ve been on video before and I hated how I looked. I was too embarrassed so I never shared it. All that time and money wasted for nothing!”
Does this sound like YOU?

This online course is for business owners who are ready to become thought leaders in their niche and scale their business globally with powerful videos that sell.

How is the Course Delivered?
You have access to simple-to-follow guides, templates and checklists to make the process of creating powerful videos easy.
Don’t know what equipment to get? Just check out our shopping guides in the Video Production Crash Course and download our uncomplicated equipment lists.
Tired of sitting through 90 minute video presentations? So are we. That’s why we’ve broken down our core training into short, maximum 10 min entertaining videos. You can bindge watch the entire program in 7 hours.
Did we mention the videos are extremely entertaining? We even dressed up for you in costumes so you can have fun. Our motto: If it’s not FUN, why even bother?
The Tools Required to Perform Magic Tricks
Inside the course we share links to all of the recommended magic-making tools you'll need.

Below is a short checklist to give you an idea of what will be required.

You can not do this course on a your phone or iPad. Sorry. You need a laptop or computer and preferably one with a decent amount of memory and speed.
A green screen that allows for full body shooting is ideal. If you don’t have that much space or you already have a smaller green screen, then don’t worry. More important for performing illusions is having plenty of lights.
You will need a 
non-Smart Phone 
camera to shoot on your green screen. Sound is also a really important element in making great media. So don’t use the mic in your camera, it won't give you the professional quality you want.
We've chosen to teach you with the software we use (Adobe Premiere Pro). It is trusted by professionals all over the world. And don’t worry, we guide you through each step of the editing process. But if you prefer another software, just make sure it allows "chroma key" editing.
This course is for you if you want to:

Make more professional, exciting and effective video lessons that keep your audience captivated and engaged.

Become a better, more confident script writer, media producer, presenter, video editor and camera operator.

Learn to make the kind of media that you or your students would be excited to binge-watch.
 Create videos that sell with our proven Powerful Video Formula

Go from feeling embarrassed to confident on video

Create professional-looking videos using just your smartphone

 Develop your authentic signature style and love the way you look on camera
What You'll Learn:
“Although I’m an introvert, deep down, I know that I need to be on video to promote my business. I just don’t know where to start.”
“I’ve never shot a video and I’m overwhelmed by technology. I’m afraid if my videos don’t look great, it will damage my brand.”
This engaging course will transform you from camera-shy to a confident pro.
Without makeup you look “pale” on video. Makeup makes you look vibrant. We brought in Toronto’s best makeup artist to help you cut through the clutter of thousands of makeup tutorials and show you ladies and gents the bare makeup essentials to amplify your features without looking “cakey”.
Your clothing style can speak volumes about you before you even open your mouth. Learn from Toronto’s Fashion Experts how to dress for the camera to clearly communicate your brand and message. Finally, know what to wear and what NOT to wear on camera. Find out what your clothes really say about you.
We’ll show you how to easily and on a budget turn your smartphone into a $2000 camera that shoots professional-looking videos. We’ll expose the secret tricks of the trade to making you look beautiful with a beauty light. We’ll also show you step-by-step how to set up your home studio so you can shoot your videos fast and create that consistent brand style that’s unique to you.
In this Live Masterclass we’ll show you how to create a successful Facebook video ad. We’ll share with you the exact strategy that we and our clients use to attract the right people to any business.
Editing gives you the ability to turn dry content into highly entertaining and highly converting videos. You can easily cover the mistakes you made while shooting, shoot videos 10x faster and skip out on remembering your script’s lines (if your brain freezes on camera). Learn how to edit super entertaining videos that get your audience to take action.
We know from our own experience that you’ll learn the best when you immediately take action with your new knowledge, so in every chapter you’ll be challenged to do a video!
Take the guessing out of the equation and discover the EASY 7 STEP FORMULA for coming up with video content that your audience is already looking for in this Mini Video Course.
VALUE: $399
How do you grab your audience’s attention in 5 seconds? The answer is simple: catchy video titles. Easily choose the best title for your video from our proven 27 Plug-&-Play Video Titles Template.
VALUE: $199
Smooth out your skin and look 5 years younger. Turn any light into beauty light with this guide.
VALUE: $299
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Script writing couldn’t be easier. Copy our Winning Script Formula Fill-In-The-Blanks Template.
VALUE: $399